About Us

This wasn’t part of our 2020 plan...

…but here we are. As COVID-19 changed our world and scrambled our lives, one thing has become abundantly clear:

The most important preventative measure to stop the spread is to wear protective masks in public.

Leveraging our founder’s background in natural disaster assistance combined with our team’s expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, and importing custom goods, EOS Armor was born.

Our mission is to provide top quality, personalized PPE to our clients and communities, while maintaining affordability and accessibility for most companies.

Safety Comes First:

EOS Armor will only work with proven FDA Registered factories that have been producing PPE prior to the pandemic.

We are an FDA Registered company, we have our own boots on the ground in Asia, and we inspect all goods before they leave any factory to ensure 100% safety.

Now we can design and produce this protective gear for you, personalized in your colors, with your branding, and all at an affordable price