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Disposable 3 Ply Masks

Disposable 3 Ply Masks

The best protection, period. This workhorse does its job by protecting others in an environment by prohibiting spread from behind the mask. this simple 3 layer mask is the most common, very comfortable, extremely versatil, and most economical protective measure.

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95% Respirators are the Rage

95% Respirators are the Rage

The best of both worlds. This 2 way protective measures keep 95% of the particles in your environment from getting behind the mask. Further, just like the 3 Ply, this mask also prohibits spreading from behind the mask. 2 way Protection for your environment

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Face Shields are Direct Barriers

Anyone who interacts with others on a constant basis will appreciate the Face Shield. It's washable and Reusable. It doesn't fog, and when combined with a mask, the level of protection is a second to none.

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Reusable & Washable masks


Reusable & Washable masks are increasing in popularity amongst employees who are  wearing masks daily. Comfort, fit, and safety are front of mind. Our line of resuables include replaceable N95 Filters, Ventilated masks that make breathing and speaking easy, as well as have Anti-Fogging Properties. 


The Nitrile Glove

These disposable gloves are NITRILE POWDER FREE and include long-lasting strength and durability with excellent dexterity for multiple use applications. These are powder free industrial gloves. These gloves can be worn in many different settings and offer similar protection to heavier duty gloves while offering great comfort and sensitivity.

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NOGUN™ Thermal Monitoring

Our collection of Non-Invasive Thermal Scanners will prepare your office for reopening. By detecting a raised body temperature, will ensure a safe working enironment for your staff and clients alike.

  • Protective Face Covers

  • Simple and Highly Protective
  • KN95 Respirators

  • 2 Way Protection for Everyone
  • Face Shields

  • Solid Protection for Working with Clients 1:1

Protective Face Covers

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KN95 Respirators

2 Way Protection for Everyone

Face Shields

Solid Protection for Working with Clients 1:1 Shop Face Shields

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I have worked with EOS for years on multiple projects where we were importing custom manufactuered goods. The team at EOS has a reputation for executing and delivering a result no matter what obstacles arise. This is another excellent opportunity for the team at EOS to shine

Greg Davidson, Elite Fabrication Group

EOS has been a vendor of our company since 2013. They pay attention to the smallest details and figure it out. They really nailed it with PPE. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, the masks were shipped immediately, and the quality is fantastic. I can trust this team, especially with so many sharks out there in the PPE world. Their culture alone will make them a leading supplier of PPE

Richard Lopez, Hawthorne Hotel Group

The team at EOS came through again. They know quality, they know manufacturing, and they know shipping. We are very excited about their KN95's. The filter tests were impeccable, the comfort and the turnaround time were beyond my expectations. My staff are so happy with my purchase. Thank you EOS

Kathy Lindsey, Immaculate Hospitality